Tekijä: Pär Österlund

What I have learned while travelling extensively for work

Over the last few years I’ve had to travel extensively for work. This means hundreds of flights and probably a hundred nights at different hotels as well. Most of my travels have been within Europe meaning flights are fairly short (less than 5h). These are notes based on my experience and are not intended as […]

Income generating websites as investments

I’ve been looking into websites as an asset class from an investment point of view lately. Given I’ve dabbled around with public companies, private companies, real estate and consumer loans previously, I wanted to make some notes on what I’ve learned about websites as an asset class until now. In this post, I’ll start with […]

What are retailers thinking about in 2018?

I attended the eTail Nordic 2018 event and wanted to summarise some findings from selected keynotes on 2.10. – 3.10.2018. Peter Mold, CDO, ICA Peter Mold, the Chief Digital Officer of Swedish grocery and pharmacy giant ICA was first up. He stated ecommerce for groceries still hasn’t picked up in Sweden, concluding only 2% of […]

Adding layers of complexity

A colleague asked me why we had issues introducing a new feature into a product. On a high level, the feature was pretty simple. So I needed to explain how adding layers of complexity made the design and implementation increasingly difficult. Here’s the analogy I gave to explain the problem. *** At the end of […]

Hyvän työpäivän metsästys

Tiedättekö sen tunteen, kun työpäivän jälkeen on varsinainen voittajafiilis? Tuntuu kuin olisi saanut aikaiseksi vaikka mitä ja energiaa piisaa muille jaettavaksi? Niin minäkin. Mutta liian harvoin. Ikävän usein tunnen itseni päivän päätteeksi väsyneeksi. Energiatasoni on nolla tai se on pakkasella. Huonoimmillaan tuntuu kuin päivän päätteeksi olisi enemmän ongelmia kuin mitä oli ennen työpäivän alkua. Halusin […]