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SparkToro review: finding influencers made easy

SparkToro is a new tool launched by Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry. I was able to get my hands on a press version pre-launch. This post is based on the pre-launch version. Problem to be solved Let’s say you’re launching a new product designed for avid knitters. If you take the traditional digital marketing playbook, […]

Goal setting: a guide to setting meaningful goals & measuring progress

Goal setting is an art of it’s own. We all set some sort of goals. Do it right and it helps you make progress and feel great about the progress you’ve made. Do it wrong and it can make you feel like you’ve made progress when you, in fact, haven’t. Why do we need goal […]

The Copy Machine Experiment gives advice for getting your requests granted

We all ask for favors. We all make requests. Some are big and significant, some are small and mundane. Nevertheless, we hope these favors and requests are granted. If you’re in sales or marketing, your livelihood depends on getting a ’yes’. So pay attention. In order to maximize our chances, we should take advice from […]

Examples of business’s recession pivots

There has been a huge change in customer behavior in just a few weeks. It would have been impossible to prepare for a shock like this, but it’s possible to adapt to the changed customer demand. Quite a few business’s are, indeed, changing their business models to better fit the current climate. Here are some […]